Behind the scenes – do you really want to know?

Alchemy in rehearsal

The trend these days with social media and arts promotion is all about giving your potential audience a glimpse of what goes on backstage and in the lead up to performances. Now I’m all for letting people see that musicians are actually real human beings, dealing with more or less the same issues that we all face on a day to day basis. But will people still take our group seriously knowing that four out of the five of us are mothers, with seven kids between us aged from 5-13 years. Should I let on that the past weekend, which was spent rehearsing intensely for this week’s concerts, was accomplished with six of these kids in tow plus a dog, with just one other parent on hand to keep them all busy and entertained. Not only that, but the weather decided to make life even more interesting by raining heavily, so outdoor play was not an option.

Nonetheless, thanks to electronic entertainment, board games, lego, cards, twister, marble run, plus lively imaginations, and plenty of scrumptious food, we managed to avoid any major disruptions and were able to focus on our musical preparations.By the end of the weekend, when the adults were sitting around exhausted, what should we hear but the children taking over the music studio, making their own little performances.

For me this enjoyment of music by the younger generation was the most satisfying reward for a weekend of hard work.

Jedi the dog

Jedi deciding whether to put the left paw on red or blue

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