So Mum, what DO you do all day?

This question was posed recently by my teenage daughter, who is in the throes of examining her career options. It’s actually difficult to define what constitutes the work of a musician when firstly, for most people,what we consider work most people consider as recreation, and secondly, it’s difficult to actually generate an income from our “work” so we generally do a range of related activities, some of which provide income which compensates for those other activities which pay little or nothing, but are essential for our integrity as performing artists!

However, I recently went through the exercise of updating my seek profile, so for those who like things laid out in dot points, this gives a bit of a snapshot of my current working life. Obviously to see more, just log in to

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  1. margare1 says:

    Just came across a great blog which discusses the life of a working musician:

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