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Like most musicians, I balance performing music with teaching. For me this is an essential part of being a musician – passing on the skills I’ve learned, and sharing my love of music with the next generation. The wonderful thing about music teaching is the possibility of working with people of all ages and levels of experience. I’ve recently had the fun of coaching a wonderful group of young emerging artists, the Brisbane Baroque Players, in baroque performance style and technique, culminating in a performance in the beautiful Holy Trinity Church, Woolloongabba.

On the other end of the spectrum, this term I’m teaching for a couple of days in a nearby primary school, as part of Queensland’s state (public)  school instrumental music program. This program is very well established, having been in existence for around 40 years, and gives many students the opportunity to learn an instrument who may not otherwise be able to afford it. Who knows which young student, having discovered the joy of playing an instrument, will continue on to make it their life’s work? One thing’s for sure – it’s challenging work, and I have to admit, I learn more from my students each day.

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  1. Hi, Margaret,
    I can identify with all that :-)
    Challenging? Yep. But don’t lose sight of the rewards. Working with people – of any age – who enjoy what they are doing is great, and working with people – of any age – who share your love of music is wonderful.
    The longer I do the job, the more importance I attach to maintaining the students’ enthusiasm. Once that goes, any likelihood of progress drops away, soon followed by the student … not that it’s likely to happen to your students :-)

    • margare1 says:

      Thank you Malcolm. Yes, inspiration is the key, including continuing to seek new challenges and inspiration for myself!

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