Gold Coast Renaissance Fair

Along with fellow members of the Early Music Society of Queensland, this year I have been exploring the sound of renaissance capped reed instruments. A collection of these instruments – crumhorns, cornemuses and a few others – had sat unused in a cupboard for many years. After having received some expert advice on getting the instruments into working order, the project was kick-started by a “Renaissance Rediscovery Day” in February, and followed up by a short presentation for the Double Reed society’s “Big Day Out”.

crumhorns, cornemuses, and hygienic wipes for the tryout day!

Added to a consort of recorders, lute, violin, and cello, these “buzzie” instruments certainly pack a punch!

A group comprising several EMSQ members will be performing on some of these instruments at the first annual Gold Coast Renaissance Faire on 3-4 May. Below are a few more details of what can be expected on the day:

Return to the Golden Age of Shakespeare, swashbuckling, romance and adventure!  We will join other costumed performers to entertain you all day with theatre, music, dance and games.  For less than a price of a movie ticket you can enjoy Shakespeare’s comedies, be dazzled by our beautiful dances, challenge a brave swordsman, step to a merry Irish jig, join costumed parades, play a game of skill and win a prize from the Queen!  So come to the Faire, eat, drink and be merry! Check out the Faire website and share the link.Gold Coast Renaissance Faire Flyer

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